Privacy and Data Use

Privacy Policy:

Updated: 2023-04-23

Data Collection and Sharing: The RaceTac suite of apps and online applicatons may collect information as follows:

  • RaceTac App: An email is requested ONLY for aquiring a 'User Permit' needed to load S63 licensed charts. Such as those issued by the UK Admiralty and others. It is not shared with any outside organization.
  • RaceTac Committee App:
    • Email: An email address is used as a a user ID, along with a password, to link the app to the 'RaceTac Regattas' RMS system (see below). This is for the Pro version only. It is used for uploading and downloading race information such as boat lists and finish times. The email and password are only needed if you use this feature, and must match the ones you used to set yourself up on the web based RMS.
    • Location: The user's precise location can be optionally shared to the web based RMS system for purposes of sharing the Race Committee Boat location or the location of a Mark Boat. The location can be shared just once, or for a user selectable period of from 1 up to 4 hours, after which it will stop sharing it. The location is presented anonymously to racers, merely identified as the boat type (Committeee Boat or Mark Boat) which the user can select.
  • 'RaceTac Regattas' Web based Regatta Management System (RMS) :
    • Email: An email is used as the user ID for logging into the system. This may be used by an Organizing Authority such as a Yacht Club for for contacting registered participants in a regatta with updates, scores, and general information.
    • Personal Data: Your name and phone number is also requested when you sign up.
    • Sailboat Data: The RMS will also collect sailboat information such as name, sail #, type, etc. needed to register for and run races. This may be used by an Organizing Authority such as a Yacht Club for running the races.
    • Use: The information above will be shared with other participants registered in a regatta as well as the Organizing Authority and Race Committee for races you are registered for. This data will not be shared outside the authorized RMS users.
This data will NOT be shared by Hubbard Software with any other entity other than that needed by an Organizing Authority (Yacht Club, etc.) to run a Regatta, and to support our customers.

Requesting Data Removal:

  • You may request that personally identifiable data be removed from the system. This would be your email address, name, and phone numbers. The sailboat information cannot be removed if it has been included in the scores of officially scored races.
  • Send an email to support@hubbardsoftware.com with an explanation of the data you wish removed.

Internet use:

  • RaceTac: The app requires Internet access in order to download NOAA Charts, to acquire a 'User Permit' used for S63 Chart Support. (See S63 page for details). and to get tidal current data from RaceTac servers.
  • RaceTac Committee: Will use the internet for synchronizing race info with the RaceTac Regattas RMS system, and to allow uploading and emailing of race results if scoring is used.

Camera: The 'RaceTac' app uses the device camera solely for the purposes of the 'Augmented Reality' function called 'Virtual Marks'. It does not record, collect, or store any video or images during use. It is strictly used in 'preview' mode for the purposes of overlaying the graphics of the Mark locations.

Manual Data Sharing: The 'RaceTac' app has an ability to export or import the list of Mark data. It requires access to your device file storage to do so. This is only done by the user through the menus. The data is then stored in files on the device. Sharing of those files is up to the user, as the app has no 'sharing' functions at present.
The 'RaceTac Committee' app can email the list of logged finishing times.