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End User License Agreement (The 'Agreement')

This is a non-exclusive agreement between you, the User of 'RaceTac' applications (The 'App'), and 'Hubbard Software', doing business in Suffolk County, New York State, USA.

By installing this app, you agree to abide by the conditions set forth in this agreement.

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This software is provided 'As Is' and is not guaranteed to perform in a manner appropriate for any given application. Hubbard Software will attempt to correct bugs which are reported, but makes no warranties in that regard.

You take full responsibility for the appropriate use of this software. Hubbard Software makes no warranties, including warranties of merchantability, express or implied, regarding it's fitness for a particular use. Hubbard Software accepts no responsibility for damages or loss resulting from the use of this app, direct or consequential. RaceTac uses your device's location hardware, compass, and camera. These may or may not provide the accuracy required from device to device. You the user are expected to take proper precautions, as you would with any navigation system which could fail.

This app is specifically intended for coastal sailboat racing. It is not intended for general navigation or offshore racing.

You agree that you will not (1) Make copies of the product, (2) modify, reverse-engineer, or decompile the product, or (3) remove or hide any product copyright or TradeMark information.

Support: Hubbard Software is not obligated to support old versions of the app, nor is it obligated to support any particular device, or version of operating system on a particular device.

This agreement shall be governed by the laws of the state of New York, Suffolk County, USA.

Other Incorporated Products:

  • Tidal Current Data for the United States and its Territories is obtained from NOAA.
  • Tidal Current Data outside the United States is obtained through use of the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office's (UKHO's) "ADP Software Development Kit". A chart licensed by the UKHO or other licensing authority is required for the currents to display on the chart. See the section on S63 licensed charts for details. The data is made available under 'Crown Copyright and/or database rights. Reproduced by permission of the Controller of Her Majesty's Stationary Office and the UK Hydrographic Office (www.GOV.uk/UKHO).'